Here I recommend tools and services, which I use heavily.

  • Linode Is Suitable For Hosting Test Envs Or Non-Critical Services

Linode is far less expensive than AWS or DigitalOcean. Personally I’ve been running this blog in Linode for almost 2 years. And it costs me $5/month. Actually it’s a docker-compose env with 4+ containers. Quite a positive experience. Read my detail comparision in this blog post.

You can register Linode with my referral link. Enjoy, my friend!

Linode Pricing for Sep 2017

  • Books I read and like. Check more here.

Exported my CI/CD experience to a public jenkins demo env. It has around 60+ jobs. I use them quite often in my daily work/life.

Check it out. And discuss with me!

Your practice could be quite different from mine. It’s perfectly fine. Let’s focus on the problems and the values stream. The design and implementation can be changed easily. Isn’t it?

The demo envi is a jenkins container powered by AWS ECS. For most of them, we can easily see a screenshot, job definition and a dedicated blog post.

  • Free VPN Service, When Visiting China. Say you’re visiting China, and you want to open Google, Gmail, Slideshare, Twitter. Well, you’re not allowed! Here is one temporary solution. It’s totally free! Bookmark it, or share it with your friends who might need.

Free And Temporary VPN For China

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