Run Code Static Check Via A Temporary Container

How Would You Enforce Code Static Check? Learn and understand the check tools. Then install and configure them in your servers.

With docker, it could be much easier than ever! Let me show you how. The solution has built-in supports for: Python, Ruby, Shell. (You definitely can add more).
And What Does It Take? 5 minutes. Yes, you hear me. Only 5 minutes!

Run Static Check Against Your Scripts Via A Temporary Container


Run GUI Test With Docker: Detect Web Page Loading Issues

How fast your web pages load on client sides, especially the portal or login pages? And how do you detect unexpected 302, 404 or 5XX responses. It would probably hurt your user experience or even the functionalities. Slow or problematic page loading are always bad.

Good, if you have examined that carefully. And most likely, with multiple unpleasant manual steps. The thing is how can you be so sure that it’s always good. Even with the endless code changes.

To automate the GUI test? You have to learn lots of GUI automation skills, and the complicated setup. Yes, I certainly believe you are capable for this, my friend. But you might not have enough time.

Good news! With container technology, things are way much easier now. Check out this short post. And have a try now!

Use Docker To Run GUI Test: Detect Web Page Loading Issues