GoodBye Shell, Hello Python!

As a Ops/DevOps professional, I have many years of experience writing shell scripts. Probably you’re the same as me, right?

I deeply treasure my achievements with shell. Yes, I still do, even now. But I have to make a decision. Finally! Drop Shell And Embrace Python.

Why is that? Check this blog post and discuss with me.

GoodBye Shell, Hello Python!


Cheap VPS: Try Linode For Your Side Projects

DigitalOcean is inexpensive to AWS EC2. Surprisingly Linode is even 30%-40% cheaper than Digtialocean. Certainly Linode is much less matured to them both. But with reasonable compromise, Linode could be attracting to small business and individuals.

Enclosed is a detail VPS comparison report, based on my hand-on experience.

VPS Comparison: Linode VS DigitalOcean


Shell Redirect Output To File, And Still Have It On Screen

Ever need to check the output of shell functions/scripts? If no fatal/error messages found, resume normal procedure. Otherwise, go to error handling.

Usually people solve this, by redirecting stdout/stderr to grep command. But What About Time-consuming Functions/Scripts? Say several minutes. During this period, end users are blinded with nothing printed. It could be confusing and scaring to them.

Linux Tee Command