Case Study For Chef: chef-study in GitHub

Attentions, Chef Users. I’ve exported my Chef experience to GitHub.

No overwhelming info. Less frustration. It starts with real and specific requirements. From easy to difficult, step-by-step.

You need to hire Chef candidates? Apply Chef jobs? Or simply sharpen your Chef skills at work?
Take five minutes and check it out now: chef-study.

Please let me know what you think. Thus I can better help you and your case.

GitHub Repo chef-study: Case Study For Chef


Examine Unexpected Changes In Your /etc/hosts File

Updating hosts file is super easy! Any sed, echo, vim command will work.

You’re perfectly safe, if all changes only come from the automation. And your code is bug-free.

But in the reality, you might have surprises. Especially when people might change it manually.

My Suggestion? Before making any changes, confirm all customizations are expected. If not, abort the changes with proper alerting.

Update /etc/hosts With Everything Expected