Series: Build K8S Solution From Scratch

I’d like to label myself as a kubernetes expert and software architect in two years.

Like everyone in container world, I have a lot of pleasures consuming kubectl. And behind the scene, I’m even more amazed for how typical K8S solutions are designed and implemented.

If you’re also interested, here is a blog series for you. Check it out, and discuss with me!

Series: Build Your K8S Solution From The Scratch

What For?
From bottom to up. From bare metal in the very beginning to the final solution. There are lots of interesting questions and amazing ideas to learn and discuss.

It could be very helpful for you, if your organization is heavily investing in containers environments. No matter private clouds or public clouds.

In this blog series, we will focus on below things:
Series: Build Your K8S Solution From The Scratch

Anti-goal: It shouldn’t share any confidential information from my current employer.

Layers & Components
At very high level, different layers of typical K8S solutions can be illustrated as below figure.

Series: Build Your K8S Solution From The Scratch

Episode List:

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