My Yearly Review: Denny In 2017

Today is the last day of 2017. And I will be turning to my 35 in 2018. I can’t believe it.

How Time Flies!!

My Yearly Review: Denny In 2017

Here comes my yearly review for 2017. What about yours?


  1. Doing pretty well in LinkedIn Engagement. Initiated and involved in many interesting discussions and talented friends. Thanks!
  2. Know how to learn and share publicly; and grow tech influence in an organic way. e.g, do daily today-review in Slack, subject study in GitHub.
  3. Started to admit my weakness, and live with it. Yes, I’m not smart. And I don’t remember details that well. That’s fine. It’s me. It’s who I am.
  4. Forming the habit of reading books. Even if reading for nothing, it gives me peace inside. Roughly ~5 hours per week. Not bad, isn’t it?


  1. Need to publish more and useful blog posts. In 2017, I only published ~1 post per month.
  2. Try new things as many as possible. Pradipta Dash inspires me a lot.
  3. Meet more talented friends physically or in google hangout. Glad to build a strong connection with Jonathan McAllister. He is a brave fighter by-heart.


  1. Pay more attention to my health. Do 50 press-up at least. Jogging for 30 minutes per day. Let’s start from this.
  2. Spend more quality time with my parent and relatives. Unfortunately my father got a cancer this year. He is doing much better now. I definitely need to engage more in our family events.
  3. Be prepared to be a good father. We’re expecting to have a baby. Both my wife and I have a very busy professional job. It would be a tough journey. Hope we both can enjoy it.


Key Metrics 2016/12/31 2017/12/31
LinkedIn 5K Followers 21.5K
DevOps Slack 0 Members 910
GitHub 83 Followers 226
Blog Posts 82 94
Newsletter 310 Subscribers 392
Feedly 17 Subscribers 29
Search Traffic 13.0% 39.30%
Session Duration 00:01:45 00:02:22
Bounce Rate 64.69% 57.10%
Blog PV 1.87 2.4
Alexa Ranking 1,485,542 2,531,763

So much for my yearly review. How about your? Ping me in LinkedIn or Slack.

And wish you have a wonderful year in the coming 2018!


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2 Responses to My Yearly Review: Denny In 2017

  1. It was pleasure reading your blog. I think I have to start doing the same. You inspired me to do something good which means you are doing a good job.

    Happy new year.

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