Entrance Page For AWS Exam Preparation

Apparently AWS certifications are hot. And it takes a lot of reading and practice to crack them down. Here I collect and organize useful materials, during my preparation.

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Why Take AWS Exams? AWS provides several certification exams[1] at both associate levels and professional levels. It helps anyone in Cloud/DevOps fields.

  1. Certify a good and indepth understanding for all aspects of cloud computing and DevOps.
  2. Familiar with AWS and OpenStack technology, which covers public cloud and private cloud.

What The Cost Is? Plenty of Time. Tons of documents and whitepapers are waiting for you! Believe me. I’m not kidding. A small amount of Money: 150~300 dollars.

List Of Learning Materials. The list will be updated constantly. Notify me, if I’ve missed anything important or useful. The most important tip: Try All Major Features Of AWS Services. You will fail without that. Even if you magically pass it, it’s truely pointless.

Learning: Basic Understanding

Learning: Quiz & Exercises

Learning: Deep Dive Into Documents

Learning: More Community Materials

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