Implement Common Data Structures But Missing In Golang

Try to use Golang as my main scripting language. It’s super fast and very powerful for parallel programming. Before the transition, I have been actively using Python for more than 5 years.

Here are things I like and dislike.

Check it out. And share your experience or feedback with me.

My Common Python Coding Mistakes

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  • Async programming: defer
  • Goroutine & channels
  • Named return values
  • Length and capacity concept about array


  • Go doesn’t support ternary one liners.

Instead of:

# Python
return nums[0] if len(nums) != 0 else 0

It has to be:

// Golang
if len(nums) != 0 {
   return nums[0]
} else {
   return 0

// Or
if ret := 0; len(nums) != 0 {
   return nums[0]
return ret

Lots of discussions about the trade-off of this design: link, link.

Personally I’m still in favor of the Python compact way.

  • Get the last element of an array.
In Python we can simply use nums[-1] or nums[~0].
But in golang, it has to be: nums[len(nums)-1].
  • Reverse a list
In Python, reverse an array is as easy as: nums[::-1].

But in golang, you need to wrap up your own tiny function.
As far as I know, no built-in support.

Don't understand why.

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