Pros and Cons Of Using Cloudfoundry Bosh

Experience using bosh for Day-0 Deployment

Bosh Concepts VS K8S Concepts

Bosh Concept Kubernetes Concept
Bosh Envs Kubernetes Context
Bosh Deployment Kubernetes Deployment
Bosh Stemcell Docker Image
Bosh Manifest Kubernetes Configmap & Yaml
Bosh Errand Kubernetes Job
Bosh Task Kubernetes Event
Bosh Release Kubernetes Chart
Bosh Tile Kubernetes Helm
Bosh Ops manager No related feature: UI to customize your service
Bosh Director Kubernetes API server
Bosh Agent Kubernetes Controllers In Worker VMs
Bosh Addon  

See Bosh Cheatsheet.

Pros Of Using Bosh

  • Errand yaml: single entrypoint
  • Track all previous running history into DB
  • Daemon process and VM lifecyle management
  • Strict version control in all releases

Cons Of Using Bosh

  • Time consuming to run errands
- provision VMs
- Sequential
  • Upfront investment
Hard to guess and debug: cut short, avoid extra wrapper layer
  • Community is not big enough
- Documentation
- Easy-to-follow Examples
- Immature features: tail log
  • Tile is usually very big. Slow to be distributed and tested

More Reading: 4 Challenges In Kubernetes Log Transport


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