My Review Of KubeCon Shanghai 2018

Happy to have the chance attending Kubecon Shanghai 2018.

What Chinese Kubernetes Market looks like? Technical-wise any interesting findings about the big players?

Here are some of my key takeways. Leave me comments. Or discuss with me, if you also attended the conf.


Life in China
Back to 2008, I have been working in Shanghai for around four years. So I know the city pretty well. Meanwhile born and raise in China enables me to be connected with the current changes.

However I’m still amazed to see how deep the city or the country lives in the digital world.

Everybody is doing almost everything via smart phones by default.

  • In restaurants, no need to ask waiters for the bills. Pay by cellphone, and leave directly.
  • Purchasing any ticket via mobile apps. Subway, taxi, train, bus, you name it.
  • Barcode everywhere. eCommerce everywhere(,, etc)

Advice for your future Chinese trips? Get WeChat installed, and a Chinese sim card.

There are tons of free wifi. But without a Chinese phone number? You can’t use any. It hurts badly. Believe me.

Kubernetes In Public Cloud

  • jdos for across cluster scaling; invisible for k8s; bare metal
  • Alicloud: machine flavor per VM
  • Alicoud -> huawei -> tencent cloud
  • Ant finance Node operator: use operator to do admin task. Kube-on-kube

Kubernetes In Private cloud

  • imbcloud
  • rancher
  • openshift

Information Via Booths

  • nginx+
  • Federations: caicloud, huawei cloud
  • lighting talk:gaming system use k8s



More Reading: kubectl cheatsheet, pks cheatsheet, openshift cheatsheet


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