I’m Joining VMware To Build Enterprise Kubernetes

Guys, I’m very excited to share Two Big Changes with you!

My wife and I have relocated to silicon valley early this June; And I will join VMware as a staff engineer next Monday. Work on their k8s product(Pivotal).

Hope I can make good influence and contribution to the team and the product very soon.

I'm Joining VMware. And Work On Kubernetes Product!

Apparently I need to thank to my wife and my family. It’s a big move. California is expensive and tough. No kidding.

Also I like to thank to my current employer – TOTVSLabs.

Vicente Goetten, Kung Wang and the team. Many thanks! A lot of trust and freedom for me. I had a lot of fun working here. Excellent Brazilian culture. People are warm and direct.

Most of my working experience in US is from TOTVSLabs. I learned a lot from the team. If you’re interested, check their opennings: here. (Mostly allow remote)

I'm Joining VMware. And Work On Kubernetes Product!

Looking ahead. What I’m so interested in VMware opportunity?

It fits my next career goal very well. Be a k8s expert; Be a qualified cloud architect in the near future.

Definitely a lot of things to learn. A lot of mistakes to make. I believe I’m ready.

Our office is in Palo Alto. If you’re nearby, ping me in LinkedIn or Slack. Let’s grab a coffee!

If you’re not local, it’s fine as well. I’m just one button away, if you have questions related DevOps, Kurbernets or even VMware Pivotal.

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