Switched job to FB/Meta

Joined FB Ads 2020 summer from VMware. It has been a pretty good experience so far

I’d like to try infra chalenges with internet scale, after working in VMware EMC for a couple of years. Thus joined Facebook(a.k.a Meta) on May 2020.

So far, I have been working in FB ML infra to improve ads serving for about 1.5 years. Particularly I’m on ML feature engineering domain. Overall it has been a good experience with 4 major learnings.

  1. Be effective. Learn how to move fast with constraints, be more goals focused, etc.
  2. Be convincing. Win arguments with code and metrics. Bottom-up culture is part of the company DNA.
  3. Be confident. Lots of smart people and deep thinkings. Imposter syndrome helps you to be a good listener, but also may close doors silently.
  4. Be visionary. Your dream defins the upper bound of your achivements.

Surely there are challenges or things get me confused here. Not major issues to me at current stage.

If you’re interested in Meta job opportunities, feel free to DM in LinkedIn.

Blog URL: https://www.dennyzhang.com/meta

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