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Happy you check this page! Hope You Enjoy Reading My Blog!

My Goals:

  1. Explain DevOps in a simple language
  2. Be a bridge to connect DevOps talents and knowledges

I keep seeing new friends reading my blog or giving me LinkedIn comments. The feeling is just so GREAT! It makes my proud and confident.

Even better. Occasionally some new friends send me private message like below. Almost once a week! Denny, Anything I Can Help, Just Ask.

After some thinking, yes, you can. Your question itself helps. Your visit itself helps.

Specifically here are something I wish I can grow. (Don’t feel obligated to do it.)

  • slack
    1. Join my Slack Group.
    2. Share your questions with me.
    3. Share your suggestions with me.

  • linkedin
    1. Connect with me in LinkedIn.
    2. Say hi to me in LinkedIn.
    3. Endorse me or write a Recommendation.

    Follow GitHub @dennyzhang

    1. Follow me In Github
    2. Like my GitHub Projects.


    1. Subscribe to My NewLetter.
    2. Try Free Tools I recommend.
    3. Read Books I recommend.
    4. mailto: contact[@]

    Friends help friends!

    Let me know how I can help you. Thanks for checking this page!

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