Case Study For Chef: chef-study in GitHub

Attentions, Chef Users. I’ve exported my Chef experience to GitHub.

No overwhelming info. Less frustration. It starts with real and specific requirements. From easy to difficult, step-by-step.

You need to hire Chef candidates? Apply Chef jobs? Or simply sharpen your Chef skills at work?
Take five minutes and check it out now: chef-study.

Please let me know what you think. Thus I can better help you and your case.

GitHub Repo chef-study: Case Study For Chef

Compared to CM(conf mgmt) tools, docker is more popular now. Yes, I know.

Among CM tools, Ansible is more popular now. Yes, I know.

But, still lots of companies are using Chef.

I took me quite a while to get comfortable with Chef. So why not export my Chef experience in an good way.

A Good Way? What does that mean?

  1. No bullshit. No buzz words. No overwhelming info.
  2. Everything is in GitHub. Totally free and open.
  3. Real scenarios and real requirements. Try to avoid fake ones.
  4. Step-by-step, scenario-by-scenario. Yes, so-called from dummies to pros.

Here is the GitHub repo: chef-study.

Check it out! Hope you can benefit or get inspired form it.

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