Free And Temporary VPN For China

If you are in China or temporarily visit China, it’s hard to open webistes like Google, Gmail, Youtube. Even Slideshare! Internet Censorship is fine. But… I strongly insist developers should have the rights to access. To do a better job.
Here I provide a free VPN service. The password will be rotated monthly. Also I’ve added an extra 400 ms latency, in case too much YouTube watching. Sorry poor Linode VM can’t afford it. It should be good for temporary use. Right?

You can setup your own service easily. Just rent a VM, and follow the easy instruction in below.

Free And Temporary VPN For China

1.1 How To Use The Service

I’ve started a public VM in Linode, which should be able to support visit almost all websites.
(No video watching, please!)

It serves as a http proxy server, running a private VPN protocol[1]. Unlike normal VPN protocols, this one is more reliable and resilient by design.

How to have a try?
1. Download and install VPN client: Here is the Official link. Frankly speaking, I’m not surprised that you may fail to open the link, when you’re in China.

Free And Temporary VPN For China

If you can’t open the official link, you can try this GitHub:

# mac OSx
pip install shadowsocks
brew install shadowsocks-libev

# Linux
pip install shadowsocks
apt-get install shadowsocks-libev

2. Get the credential: server ip, port and password.
As we may guess, there might be many users trying the free service. I have to update the password periodically. To the extreme case, it will be changed monthly.

Please contact me via contact[@], in order to get the credential. Don’t worry, it’s totally free. I just want to reduce the risk of security issues.

Even better, if you can subscribe my mailing list. Thus you can always get latest credential via email automatically, with no extra communication.

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Certainly you can unsubscribe any time.
3. Enable client and activate the server. Once it’s done, you should be fine to open Finally!
Free And Temporary VPN For China

Free And Temporary VPN For China

1.2 How to setup my own server by docker

  1. Rent a public VM. Here I suggest: DigitalOcean or Linode with the plan of $5-$10/month.
  2. Install docker daemon and docker-compose.
  3. Run docker-compose up -d. Then you’re all set.

Dockerfile can be found in Github. GitHub

# Get the code, especially docker image
git clone

cd devops_docker_image/shadowsock

docker-compose up -d

# Make sure iptables allow the traffic
ufw allow 6187/tcp

By default, the server port is 6187, and password is DamnGFW.

(You can customize it in shadowsocks.json, under the same folder of docker-compose.yml).

Free And Temporary VPN For China


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