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Exciting news! Just got recognized as Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) By This is a very good sign for my ultimate goal: Be a DevOps Influencer.


Quoted from DZone website: is one of the world's largest
online communities and leading publisher of
knowledge resources for software
developers. Every day, hundreds of thousands
of developers come to to read about
the latest technology trends and learn about
new technologies, methodologies, and best
practices through shared knowledge.

Apparently DZone has a very large volume of audience. What’s impress me more is their Focus On Quality. Their editors have a good taste of technical details, always add a proper summary for guest posts. They even rewrite paragraphs sometimes. So it’s my honor to be recognized as a MVB by DZone.

For the coming years, I will keep building up my expertise and reputation in DevOps community. Eventually be identified as a DevOps Influencer. For blogging, here are things I will do:

  • Share from buiness angle, not indulged in tech tricks
  • Only share tips which I actively use in daily work
  • Talk and discuss with people, before writing

Your help is important:

  • Question me or challenge me.
  • Share my posts to Twitter or mail list.
  • Exchange blogroll, which you think it’s a good fit.


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