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1.1 Sep 2018

[Denny Today] 2018-09-09, MountainView, CA

- Fully automate the wordpress publish process for all my sub-blogs
- Keep exporting local gcp knowledgebase to below blog

GCP Cheatsheet

[Denny Today] 2018-09-01, MountainView, CA

- Use cloudshell to run k8s on GCE

1.2 Aug, 2018

[Denny Today] 2018-08-29, MountainView, CA

- Try k8s statefulset tutorials
- Go through the doc of k8s trouble shooting

1.3 Feb, 2018

[Denny Today] Feb 7th, Houston TX

- Define Jenkins job to create public VM by terraform
- Manually remove resources(VM/volumes/closed ES indices) for scaling down

[Denny Today] Feb 6th, Houston TX

- Publish ES script for deleting closed ES indices:
- Interview multiple candidates

[Denny Today] Feb 5th, Houston TX

- ES maintenance: self-protection for index deletion. only allow delete closed index.
- Terraform wrapper: Create Jenkins job to create desired machine flavor.
- Code problem(twopointer):

[Denny Today] Feb 2nd, Houston TX

- Update apache docker to enable SSL for vhosts
- Solved one interesting Trie Tree problem:
- Update kitchen testcase to enforce SSL validation test

[Denny Today] Feb 1st, Houston TX

- Lots of ES reindexing.
- Working on ES performance issues.
- Solving some dynamic programming problems:

1.4 Jan, 2018

[Denny Today] Jan 31st, Houston TX

- Update chef code to avoid DB/APP autostart when cloud provider reboot hypervisors.
- Routine support and coding
- Learned reversior sampling algorithms

[Denny Today] Jan 30th, Houston TX

- Preparing for region reboot from cloud provider, due to Meltdown and Spectre issue.
- Practice solving Backtracking problems by code

[Denny Today] Jan 29th, Houston TX

- Lots of work with ES reindexing.
  We have around 300 index to be migrated, due to data structure changes.
  The reindexing has failed many times because search queue is full. Also index has been closed due to some unhandled exceptions.

- Dump the main logic to below GitHub repo:

[Denny Today] Jan 25th, Houston TX

- Defined a Jenkins pipeline job to proactively run all Jenkins check jobs for prod env
- Bumped into an ES alias inconsistency issue.
curl "http://${es_ip}:${es_port}/_alias/${alias_name}" : indicates alias has been updated correctly
curl "http://$es_ip:$es_port/${alias_name}/_count": indicates alias still point to old index

[Denny Today], Jan 22nd, Houston TX

- Cracked some dynamic programming problems. Pretty challenging.

[Denny Today] Jan 18th, Houston, TX

- Per new DigitialOcean machine flavor, presented prod env migration proposal.
  We will save *43.72%* per month!!

Live Demo:

[Denny Today] Jan 17th, Houston TX

- Exported my local Python syntax cheatsheet to GitHub

[Denny Today] Jan 16th. Houston TX

- Solving one interesting design problem(code test)

[Denny Today], Jan 12st, Houston TX

- ES cluster run into red twice in the past 2 days.
  Should be some application requests trigger this. But no solid evidence yet.

[Denny Today] Jan 9th, Houston TX

- Exercise my *emacs* elisp skills: enforce 2-way sync in between a wordpress blog and a GitHub repo.
  `Any emacs veterans here`?

[Denny Yesterday] Jan 2nd, Houston TX

Learning 3 k8s service types. And trying to understand how it works behind the scene.
Not very clear yet

1.5 Nov, 2017

[Denny Today] Nov 29th, Houston TX

- Started a GitHub repo for my k8s deep dive

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