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1.1 Latest

1.1.1 [Denny Today] 2018-10-09, Palo Alto, CA

- Learn concourse: concourse create a new team
- Learn syslog forward
- Ticket management

1.1.2 [Denny Today] 2018-10-10, Palo Alto, CA

concourse: seperate run-tests into a pause step

1.1.3 [Denny Today] 2018-10-19, Palo Alto, CA

Learn cloudfoundry kubo-release and cfcr-etcd-release

1.1.4 [Denny Today] 2018-10-22, Palo Alto, CA

- Learn and play with Prometheus
- Deep dive into PKS upgrade process

1.1.5 [Denny Today] 2018-10-25, Palo Alto, CA

Deep dive into openshift/minishift

1.2 Sep 2018

[Denny Today] 2018-09-09, MountainView, CA

- Fully automate the wordpress publish process for all my sub-blogs
- Keep exporting local gcp knowledgebase to below blog

GCP Cheatsheet

[Denny Today] 2018-09-01, MountainView, CA

- Use cloudshell to run k8s on GCE

1.3 Aug, 2018

[Denny Today] 2018-08-29, MountainView, CA

- Try k8s statefulset tutorials
- Go through the doc of k8s trouble shooting

1.4 Old Diary

Check this link.

1.5 More Resources

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