Demo Jenkins: How I Enforce CI/CD

Lots of people are talking about CI/CD on the Internet. I wish I could learn the details what they really enforce? Quite disappointed, mostly I only see concepts, principles, and guidelines.

Yes, I know it depends on a lot of things. After supporting several projects, I DO believe there are some useful first-hand experience which are general and not that well-known. Enclosed is a Demo Jenkins.

Demo Jenkins

I exported my CI/CD experience to below Demo Jenkins. That’s alive! You can simply login and check around. There are tens of Jenkins jobs. Each job exists for some reasons. Job configuration can be found in Github.GitHub

Please contact me via email (contact[@], in order to get the credential. Don’t worry, it’s totally free. I just want to reduce the risk of security issues.

Even better, if you can subscribe my mailing list. You can get the credential from the mails easily.

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Certainly you can subscribe later, or unsubscribe any time.

Raise questions in below, if some are confuses you. Oh, yes. Definitely share your experience with us.

The demo Jenkins can easily setup in your envs via this Docker Image.

docker pull denny/jenkins:v3

docker run -t -d -h jenkins \
   --name devops-jenkins \
   -p 18080:18080 \
   -p 18000:80 -p 9000:9000 \
   denny/jenkins:v3 \
   /usr/bin/supervisord -n -c \

curl http://localhost:18080

# Detail admin user: chefadmin/ChangeMe123

Jenkins CI

Here are highlight for key Jenkins Jobs.

Reduce Communication:

Network, Audit And Security:

Intergration Test:

Prod Env Operation:


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