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I’m Denny Zhang. A tech guy. Welcome to my DevOps blog!
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My biggest hobby is continuous improvement. Both at work and at home. What are yours?

Turning to my mid 30s, I enjoy being useful. Sometimes I’m also worried. Aligning with cutting edge technologies is hard. Everyone want to be smart, everyone want to be A players. So how you can keep it for your 40s, 50s, or 60s?

An interesting question, isn’t it? Starting your own business helps. Not a coder anymore, maybe. But these might not apply to everyone. Right? To me, this question actually is more about self-dignity. What makes me proud? What makes me motivated for years. And more importantly, what makes me feel peace inside.

My Answer?

  • Be useful to my tech friends. Always offer free help.
    It helps us to earn opportunities and business in the long run.
  • Understand your domain very well. And explain it in a simple language.
    If I can’t explain it simply, I don’t understand it well enough.

What Do You Think? Chat with me. Remember I’m just one click away.

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  1. Hi Denny,

    I just want to say i am a follower of your blogs and chat group. Love your work and everything you share. I hope you can write piece on Automation Frame work with Git, Appium, selenium and Jenkins . I have been trying to work on automation and found that most organizations are using this structure for automation. I would love to learn more and be able to build a frame work in mobile environment.

    Thank you for your help

    Will Skariah

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