Tool Command Line To Share Files Across The Internet

Using a single command, we can easily upload any files from our computers or servers to a web server. Then our friends or colleagues can download them directly from web browsers. Isn’t that cool?

Worry about the security? We can encrypt files before transfer. Also we can claim the maxinum downloads of those files, or expire download link in several days.

Here we go! easy and fast file sharing from the command-line. Zero Initial Setup and Super Easy to use. Command Line To Share Files Across The Internet


Free And Temporary VPN For China

If you are in China or temporarily visit China, it’s hard to open webistes like Google, Gmail, Youtube. Even Slideshare! Internet Censorship is fine. But… I strongly insist developers should have the rights to access. To do a better job.
Here I provide a free VPN service. The password will be rotated monthly. Also I’ve added an extra 400 ms latency, in case too much YouTube watching. Sorry poor Linode VM can’t afford it. It should be good for temporary use. Right?

You can setup your own service easily. Just rent a VM, and follow the easy instruction in below.

Free And Temporary VPN For China


Reverse SSH Tunnel: Export Your Mac Laptop To The Internet

Lots of professional programmers use Macs heavily in their daily work. Do you know we can easily export mac laptop to the internet? Trusted people can access our laptop directly from anywhere. Definitely for temporary use. It could be ssh operations or various web services.

Here is A Simple And Complete Guide in 10 min. Share it, if you like it.

Reverse SSH Tunnel. Export Your Mac Laptop To The Internet


Cheap VPS: Try Linode For Your Side Projects

DigitalOcean is inexpensive to AWS EC2. Surprisingly Linode is even 30%-40% cheaper than Digtialocean. Certainly Linode is much less matured to them both. But with reasonable compromise, Linode could be attracting to small business and individuals.

Enclosed is a detail VPS comparison report, based on my hand-on experience.

VPS Comparison: Linode VS DigitalOcean