One Sentence Summary For AWS Services

Reference card for the price of popular AWS products. Check more about AWS: Prepare AWS Certification Exam.

aws service summary

  • Compute
Service Summary
EC2 Virtual Servers in the Cloud
Lambda Run Code in Response to Events
EC2 Container Service Run and Manage Docker Containers
  • Storage & Content Delivery
Service Summary
S3 Scalable Storage in the Cloud
Storage Gateway Integrates On-Premises IT Environments with Cloud Storage
Glacier Archive Storage in the Cloud
CloudFront Global Content Delivery Network
  • Database
Service Summary
RDS MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, and Amazon Aurora
DynamoDB Predictable and Scalable NoSQL Data Store
ElastiCache In-Memory Cache
Redshift Managed Petabyte-Scale Data Warehouse Service
  • Networking
Service Summary
VPC Isolated Cloud Resources
Direct Connect Dedicated Network Connection to AWS
Route 53 Scalable DNS and Domain Name Registration
  • Administration & Security
Service Summary
Directory Service Managed Directories in the Cloud
Identity & Access Management Access Control and Key Management
Trusted Advisor AWS Cloud Optimization Expert
CloudTrail User Activity and Change Tracking
Config Resource Configurations and Inventory
CloudWatch Resource and Application Monitoring
  • Deployment & Management
Service Summary
Elastic Beanstalk AWS Application Container
OpsWorks DevOps Application Management Service
CloudFormation Templated AWS Resource Creation
CodeDeploy Automated Deployments
  • Analytics
Service Summary
EMR Managed Hadoop Framework
Kinesis Real-time Processing of Streaming Big Data
Data Pipeline Orchestration for Data-Driven Workflows
Machine Learning Build Smart Applications Quickly and Easily
  • Application Services
Service Summary
SQS Message Queue Service
SWF Workflow Service for Coordinating Application Components
AppStream Low Latency Application Streaming
Elastic Transcoder Easy-to-use Scalable Media Transcoding
SES Email Sending Service
CloudSearch Managed Search Service
  • Mobile Services
Service Summary
Cognito User Identity and App Data Synchronization
Mobile Analytics Understand App Usage Data at Scale
SNS Push Notification Service
  • Enterprise Applications
Service Summary
WorkSpaces Desktops in the Cloud
WorkDocs Secure Enterprise Storage and Sharing Service
WorkMail Secure Email and Calendaring Service

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