AWS Step-By-Step Exercise Examples

Usually step-by-step examples is an easy and direct way for people to learn more about complex systems. Check below examples and learn for real of AWS features.

aws example

Check more about AWS under my series posts: Prepare AWS Certification Exam.

Name Example Link
EC2 Hosting a Web App on Amazon Web Services
S3 Setting Up a Static Website – Amazon Simple Storage Service
CloudWatch Scenario: Monitor Your Estimated Charges Using CloudWatch
CloudWatch Scenario: Publish Metrics to CloudWatch
CloudWatch Create Alarms That Stop, Terminate, or Recover an Instance
CloudFront Getting Started with CloudFront – Amazon CloudFront
CloudFormation Getting Started with AWS CloudFormation
VPC VPC Peering
SNS Sending and Receiving SMS Notifications Using Amazon SNS
DynamoDB Getting Started with DynamoDB
SWF A Subscription Workflow with Amazon SWF and SNS
ECS Amazon EC2 Container Service
ELB Update an SSL Certificate for a Load Balancer
RDS Using Amazon RDS Event Notification
Redshift Connect to Redshift Cluster by Using the psql Tool

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