AWS Step-By-Step Exercise Examples

Usually step-by-step examples is an easy and direct way for people to learn more about complex systems. Check below examples and learn for real of AWS features.

aws example

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Name Example Link
EC2 Hosting a Web App on Amazon Web Services
S3 Setting Up a Static Website – Amazon Simple Storage Service
CloudWatch Scenario: Monitor Your Estimated Charges Using CloudWatch
CloudWatch Scenario: Publish Metrics to CloudWatch
CloudWatch Create Alarms That Stop, Terminate, or Recover an Instance
CloudFront Getting Started with CloudFront – Amazon CloudFront
CloudFormation Getting Started with AWS CloudFormation
VPC VPC Peering
SNS Sending and Receiving SMS Notifications Using Amazon SNS
DynamoDB Getting Started with DynamoDB
SWF A Subscription Workflow with Amazon SWF and SNS
ECS Amazon EC2 Container Service
ELB Update an SSL Certificate for a Load Balancer
RDS Using Amazon RDS Event Notification
Redshift Connect to Redshift Cluster by Using the psql Tool

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