Here I recommend tools and services, which I heavily use everyday.

Highlights For Recommendation


  • Favorite Personal Applications For DevOps: Here are my favorite applications in daily work. They make my life much eaiser and accomplish more. Check it out. And share your preference with me!
  • Linode: I’ve migrated my blog from DigitialOcean to Linode. And I believe Linode could be an economy and effective way for small business, startup or any serious side projects of tech geeks.

    To be short, I will use Linode for non-critical envs, DigitalOcean for critical envs. If you want use more features of cloud providers, try AWS or Azure. Check details in this post.

Linode Pricing for Sep 2016



  • Interesting Gifts For My Wife: Luckily I’ve been working from home for years. However I’m very very busy with my daily work and blogging all day long. Thanks to my wife’s continuous support! I want to surprise and thank her with a list of interesting gifts from time to time.

Interesting Gifts For My Wife

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See full a list of recommendations: here.

Besides tools recommendations, I also maintain free or premium online services.