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Prepare AWS Certification.

Personal notes for preparation.

SMB/Startup Using Public Cloud.

Tips for saving cost and improving availability.

  • Deploy Your Websites Using Git In Public Cloud: here
  • Export Your Mac Laptop To The Internet: here
  • Ultimate Command Line To Share Files Across The Internet: here
  • Use Linode for SMB: here
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Linux Productivity Tips.

Linux skills are crucial for DevOps work.

  • How To Check Linux Process Deeply With Common Sense: here
  • 9 Useful Tips For Linux Server Security : here
  • ShellCheck: Code Check For Shell Scripts: here
  • Use Nmap To Automate Insecure Ports Check: here
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  • 5 Tips For Building Docker Image: here
  • docker-bench-security Audit Tool: here
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Jenkins CI/CD

  • Demo Jenkins. How I Enforce CI/CD: here
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DevOps Mindsets And Toolkits.

Tools are important, yet mindset is more critical.

  • 15 Open Questions For DevOps Interview: here
  • Books For DevOps reading: here
  • Get Latest DevOps Trends In 30 Minutes: here
  • Favorite Personal DevOps Applications: here
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Network & Security

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