6 False Negatives In Daily Deployment Test

After a lot of effort and communication, finally the system deployment works! To guarantee a smooth deployment anytime, we enforce daily deployment test as a next step.

Surprisingly daily deployment doesn’t always succeed like we expect, even if no major changes. More interesting, many failed tests are kinds of false negatives. So what are the obstacles? And how we can avoid them?


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Generate Common DB Data Report By ELK

Usually critical data is stored in DB. We can periodically poll and combine key metrics from DB into a data report, such as how many tables/collections in DB, how many items in each critical table, etc. Data report enables people to visualize the history and trend of key metrics.

Furthermore if the basic data report can be generated automatically, people can easily add more metrics, which may make more business sense. The most exciting part is that we can get a general solution which applies to different projects! So how we can get this idea started?


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Demo Jenkins: How I Enforce CI/CD

Lots of people are talking about CI/CD on the Internet. I wish I could learn the details what they really enforce? Quite disappointed, mostly I only see concepts, principles, and guidelines.

Yes, I know it depends on a lot of things. After supporting several projects, I DO believe there are some useful first-hand experience which are general and not that well-known. Enclosed is a Demo Jenkins.


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Avoid Unnecessary Communication Of TOI

Effective and meaningful communications always lead to good results. However communication of TOI (transfer of information) should be avoided as much as possible. As a DevOps engineer, I used to get messages like this, “Hi Denny, I’ve changed XXX. Please check and make proper change on your side”.

Why it’s not good to rely on human communication for TOI? Firstly people will forget, which means expected collaboration will be ignored. Secondly human intervene and communication really takes time for both sides. So How We Can Improve This?


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