Create Local VM With Fixed IP Address

People are using VMs for local test more and more. The VMs are usually accessed by IP. Most likely laptops running the VM will be carried to different places, whether home, office or starbucks. Hence the wifi changes all the time. So the IPs of latop and VM change as well.

Quite natural we want the VM to have a fixed IP, thus we don’t need to check current ip of the VM all the time. So how to do that?


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Write Initscript For Linux Daemon Service

How to write a linux initscript? You have implemented a daemon service. Now you may want everyone in the project can easily manage the service without extra communication. The standard way would be “service $service_name start/stop/status”. Another thing, no one would enjoy starting service manually, when the machine is rebooted. Here are things you shall need to know or watch out to get above done.


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Successfully Passed AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

Glad to announce I’m now a certified AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate. It took me around 2 weeks for preparation, all at my spare time. I believe the certifications will benefit professionals working primarily in Cloud industry.

I put up a problem set based on my prep notes. Hopefully it can help those who are interested in taking the tests.


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